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a la carte

Lunch Time Sample Menu


Bread & Oils £4.90

Chorizo Bites £5.40

Garlic Bread £4.20

Cream Cheese Stuffed Peppers £4.90


Salt & Pepper Squid or Chicken on spicy noodles with sweet chilli dip £7.90

Soup of the day £6.90

Bucket of whitebait served with homemade tartar sauce £7.90

Prawn cocktail £8.40

Cheese fondue pot £8.90

Fresh Mussels £9.40


Haddock (10oz approx) & Chips served with crushed minted peas £15.90

Whole tail scampi served on a bed of lettuce served with chips & salad £15.90

Homemade Beef rump burger topped with cheese served in a toasted bun with chips £16.90

Cajan Chicken burger served in a toasted bun with chips & salad £16.40

 Homemade Smoked Chipotle bean chill served with rice & garlic bread £15.90

Individual Homemade Pie of the day served with mashed potatoes & vegetable's £16.90

Halloumi & portobello mushroom burger served with chips and salad £15.90 (vg/f)


10oz Sirloin Steak served with chips, sauteed mushrooms,grilled tomatoes and salad 

£26.90 (gf)

Smoked Ham finished with honey and mustard glaze,served with free range eggs, chips

and salad. £15.40 (gf/df) 

Smoked Chipotle bean chilli served with rice and garlic bread £15.90 (v/ve*)

Halloumi & Portobello Mushroom Burger served chips & salad £15.90 (v/gf)


Cajan chicken salad served with lemon and garlic mayo dressing £15.90 (gf/df)



Goats cheese salad topped with candied walnuts on a beetroot and mixed salad 

£15.90 (gf/v)


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