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Our Services

We offer a large range of different services to cater for all Occasions! Whether that's a family get together, Birthday party or Wake. We will ensure that you have a fantastic time.

Large party bookings

Please see our sample menu options. 

To secure your large booking with us for any table over 10 people, we will need a deposit and pre order. For deposits we charge £5 per person and for Pre order's please either call or email us for a copy of our current menu. For birthday party's we do charge a cake charge which is £2.50 per head.

Booking a wake

Please see our buffet menu options.

Our Wake services run Monday through to Thursday during the day. Our experienced Chef team are very happy to help with any enquiries or special requests, but we do have set buffet menus to make choice's that bit easier for you and your family. We have a minimum of 20 people per wake and a deposit of £5 per person.

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